Why You Should Never Delay an Oil Change

Posted April 12, 2023

Your local auto shop is your best partner when it comes to taking care of your car. Oil changes are one of the many services you will find at an auto shop. Scheduling this form of maintenance at regular intervals is an essential part of auto care that you should never skip. Here’s why you need to prioritize frequent oil changes.

Oil Is The Lifeblood of Your Vehicle

Oil is an essential element of your vehicle’s mechanics. It lubricates all the working parts of your engine. When the oil gets old, it’s less effective at keeping the heat down. Additionally, age causes oil to become contaminated, which can harm your vehicle. Oil is like blood for your car. It keeps things pumping and moving smoothly. Regular oil changes refresh the supply of oil to your vehicle to keep it healthy.

Failure to Change Your Oil Regularly Can Lead to Problems

Your motor is not just metal. There are rubber gasket components as well. When your oil is old and contaminated, it can wear out the rubber gaskets in your vehicle, but that’s not the only part that’s at risk. Sludge can also build up in your engine, making it harder for your engine to work. Putting added pressure on your engine can reduce its lifespan and, in extreme cases, seize your engine.

Don’t Risk Your Car’s Well-Being

According to Car Quest, some cars can go 5,000 to 7,500 miles between oil changes. However, your driving habits play a role in how frequently you should get your oil changed. Where you live also factors into how often you need to schedule this service. If you live in a dry, sandy region, you may need to change your oil more often. If you pull heavy loads or travel in hot weather, these things may also require more frequent oil changes. It’s important to be aware of how often you need to change your oil and visit an auto shop as soon as that amount of time has passed.

Your local auto shop can quickly change your oil to ensure your car stays in good shape. Oil changes are affordable and a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Contact Real Tech Auto & Truck Repair today to schedule this essential service. We look forward to assisting you!

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