3 Signs You Need Your Brakes Inspected

Posted February 15, 2024

You never want to have your brakes fail, but it can happen. The main reason, according to the Knowledge Burrow, is a leak in the brake lines. You always need to be alert for signs that there are problems with your brakes. Here are three of them that should have you taking your vehicle to a shop to have brake services performed:

1. Visible Wear and Tear

Take a look at the brakes and see if there are any clear signs of wear and tear. Do the pads look thinner? Bring your vehicle to an auto shop as soon as possible. The elements wreak havoc on your braking system. A telltale sign is visible rusting. If your brakes look old and damaged, you need to look into getting them replaced.

2. High-Pitched Screeching

It’s never good hearing a screeching sound with anything to do with your vehicle, but it’s an especially bad one when you’re applying the brakes. That means that a specific piece of metal is deteriorated and not being cushioned by the brake pads. It’s a deliberate sign that there’s a problem with how thick the pad is. Bring your vehicle in for brake services as soon as you can to avoid any potential collisions or damages.

3. Delayed Stopping

When you step on your car’s brake pedal, the vehicle should stop pretty quickly depending on how hard you apply pressure. If there’s a delay even when you’re stepping on it, then chances are that there’s a leak in the braking system. You don’t want there to be a delay when you need to come to a sudden stop. Have professional work to ensure the safety of you and other drivers.

These are just a few of the signs to look out for. Other things include vibrations in the brake pedal, irregularities in how sensitive or insensitive the brake pedal is to your foot touching it, puddles in your driveway, and your vehicle being pulled to one side. All of these warrant professional inspection of your brakes. Brake services are just one of the things that we offer. Other services include oil changes, safety inspections, and computer diagnostics. Contact Real Tech Auto and Truck Repair today to see what we can do for you.

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