4 Benefits of Having Your Tires Professionally Aligned

Posted April 2, 2024

As you know your wheels are extremely important. However, your wheels probably aren’t always in perfect alignment. Misaligned wheels and tires cause vehicles to pull to one side while going straight and affect handling. According to Reimagining Education, the United States has more than 600,000 automotive mechanics. Lots of them provide two- and four-wheel alignment services. If you think your vehicle might need a professional alignment service at a local car shop, here are four ways that it could help your tires.

1. Even Out the Lateral Forces

When the wheels are misaligned, the tires don’t experience the same lateral forces. Some might have more along the outer edges that accelerate wear and tear while affecting how the vehicle turns and handles. If ignored, one or more might suffer considerable damage, such as a blowout that could cause a loss of control. Aligning the wheels evens out the lateral forces and protects the tires against unusual wear and tear.

2. Enable Better Traction and Handling

When a car shop properly aligns your wheels, the tires can get a better grip on the road. Better traction enables your vehicle to handle better in good or bad weather. Keeping the wheels aligned, and the tires properly inflated and rotated enables them to last longer and the car to handle better. You also can get better fuel economy while enabling the tires to last for their expected service life.

3. Keeps the Tires Quiet

When a car’s wheels are misaligned, its tires sometimes cause more noise due to changes in tire angle. The tires on the misaligned wheels don’t contact the pavement like they should, which can cause them to squeal and make other unpleasant noises. Paying a car shop to align the wheels will help the tires stay silent while doing a better job of delivering a smooth ride.

4. Reduce Potential for Road Hazard Damage

When the wheels are out of alignment, the tires might be more susceptible to damage caused by road hazards. The improper alignment might make it harder to steer around a large pothole or miss a curb while turning into a driveway or a parking lot entrance. A tire might suffer a tread separation that could make it dangerous to drive. An alignment service can help protect the tires against sudden damage while driving.

The importance of a wheel alignment can’t be understated. You can call or visit Real Tech Auto & Truck Repair to have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked and adjusted as needed to ensure the best ride quality and longer life for your tires.

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