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3 Signs You Need Your Brakes Inspected

Posted February 15, 2024

You never want to have your brakes fail, but it can happen. The main reason, according to the Knowledge Burrow, is a leak in the brake lines. You always need to be alert for signs that there are problems with your brakes. Here are three of them that should have

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4 Qualities of a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

Posted January 11, 2024

Maintenance and repairs are two certainties when buying a vehicle that you intend to keep for many years. Even if you just lease a vehicle and intend to get another one after the lease period is over, you will need to make regular trips to a local auto shop to

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Breaking Down Your Brakes: What the Average Driver Needs to Know

Posted December 11, 2023

Your vehicle’s brakes are arguably one of its most critical systems, allowing you to reduce speed and bring your car or truck to a safe stop. Paying attention to brake services ensures the safety of both you and everyone around you while out on the roads. Here’s more information as

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A Guide to Transmission Repair

Posted November 13, 2023

According to Globe Newswire, the global automotive maintenance and repair market is expected to reach $1237.49 billion in 2026, and it’s easy to see why. All vehicles require maintenance and repairs to stay in good condition. One of the most essential auto repair services is transmission repair. Here’s a quick

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How to Prepare for Your Visit to the Mechanic Shop

Posted October 12, 2023

If your car gets damaged, it’s important to visit a mechanic shop ASAP to ensure it receives the care it needs. However, it’s also critical to take a few simple steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly when you visit the shop. Here are four steps that you should take

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What to Know Before Upgrading Your Brake Pads

Posted September 12, 2023

Your brakes are probably one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The safety of your car depends heavily on how well your brakes perform. Brakes are only as good as the brake pads. Ignoring problems with your brakes could be dangerous and expensive. Let’s look at some signs

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How to Choose the Right Mechanic for Your Hybrid Car

Posted August 14, 2023

Hybrid cars are more environmentally friendly, making them popular. However, just like every car, they are bound to need maintenance or repairs, and the engines on these vehicles are significantly different from those on other cars. According to Reimagining Education, there are over 600,000 mechanics nationwide. Here’s how to find

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Car Service 101: Breaking Down All of the Fluids

Posted July 12, 2023

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your car running correctly. However, it can be more complex than taking your vehicle to an auto shop yearly. In between those appointments, you’ll need to check your fluids. It’s helpful to know what those fluids do, too. This article will help you understand

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4 Signs Something is Wrong With Your Car’s AC

Posted June 13, 2023

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your car’s air conditioning unit is no cold air coming out of your vents. Most people are well aware of this which is why it’s good to know about other issues. There are many lesser-known signs that something may be wrong

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5 Signs Your Car Has Electrical Issues

Posted May 11, 2023

Keeping an eye out for car problems can help you save a lot of time and money. According to CarInsurance.net, the automotive collision repair market will likely grow at a compound annual rate of 3.3% by 2026. As a driver, here are five signs you may need to take your

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