3 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

Posted January 10, 2023

Transmission problems should never be ignored. If you take care of transmission problems when they arise, you may never have to deal with major repairs in the long run. The consequences of a damaged or ruined transmission, however, can quite possibly destroy your car. This could cost thousands of dollars to replace, and for a car older than just a year or two, this can mean the end of your vehicle’s insurability.

Many cars have been totaled due to transmission damage. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, look out for these signs.

1. Shift Issues

A car that refuses to shift or jerks when shifting is an obvious candidate for a failing transmission. This is a form of damage that could take days to destroy a vehicle, or destroy it right away. Your vehicle needs to be brought to a transmission repair shop as soon as you notice this sign.

2. Burning Smell

The smell of burning indicates that your vehicle’s overheating in some way. If your parts are overheating enough for you to smell burning fuels or fluids, don’t waste any time. Take your car to a repair shop right away so the issue can be addressed quickly. Most often, burning smells from the transmission indicate low transmission fluid, and having an auto technician add more fluid will eliminate the burning smell.

3. Slipping Gears

If your gears begin grinding and losing power in the process, that is a crucial warning sign and your vehicle is not safe to drive under those conditions. If your gearbox dies while you’re driving, it will be harder to stop your vehicle and can become a danger to you and others around you on the road.

Based on these three points, you should never wait to get your vehicle checked out if you notice any of these signs. The sooner you take your car to the transmission repair shop, the better it will be for you, your car, and your wallet. Contact Real Tech Auto & Truck Repair today if you’re looking for a trusted auto repair company!

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