What to Know Before Upgrading Your Brake Pads

Posted September 12, 2023

Your brakes are probably one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The safety of your car depends heavily on how well your brakes perform. Brakes are only as good as the brake pads. Ignoring problems with your brakes could be dangerous and expensive. Let’s look at some signs that it’s time to replace or upgrade your brake pads.

Squeaking Squealing

One of the first signs that your brakes need service is that you’ll start to notice a lot of noises when you stop your vehicle. These noises may sound like squeaking or squealing. It could be a small noise or it could be a loud noise. Once you start hearing these noises, it’s very important that you get brake service soon from a professional mechanic. Putting off brake service could endanger your life. It’s also possible that your brakes will get worse and require more work the longer you put it off.


A grinding noise when you break is a signal that the brake pads need replacing. The pads provide a buffer so that the metal of the brakes doesn’t scrape against each other. Grinding means the pads are already seriously deteriorated. If you don’t act quickly your repairs will be more expensive.


In some cases, if the brakes have gotten very bad, the vehicle may vibrate or shake when you attempt to brake. This often happens after brake service has been ignored for a long time and now the rotors are being damaged as well. Remember, issues with your car will not go away. The issues will only get more serious and more expensive. If your car is shaking or vibrating, get brake service immediately.

Long Stop Times

As you can see, brake problems only get progressively worse. Eventually, if you continue to ignore your brake service, you will start to notice longer and longer brake times. This is a huge safety risk. The longer it takes to brake, the less likely you can brake sufficiently in an emergency situation. The result could be a serious accident.

There are many dangerous things that can happen as a result of your brakes including brake failure. According to The Knowledge Burrow, the number one cause of brake failure is a leak in brake lines. This can be checked during a brake service.

If you are in need of brake service, please call our team at Real Tech Auto & Truck Repair today. Do not put off getting your brakes taken care of. You can damage your car and put yourself at risk.

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