4 Questions to Ask a Mechanic Before They Work on Your Car

Posted March 14, 2023

There are a lot of mechanics to choose from in this country. According to Reimagining Education, there are over 600 thousand mechanics available in the U.S. The trick is finding the best one for your vehicle and budget. Asking your mechanic four simple questions can help narrow your options and get the best service possible.

1. What vehicle models are you certified to work on?

Many people don’t know about vehicle manufacturers’ influence on certification. Modern cars come with onboard computers, and those computers have their own set of regulations. As a vehicle owner, that means that your warranty could be voided if your vehicle is repaired by anyone not certified to work on them. The advantage this gives you as an owner is that you can easily avoid a shady mechanic. If they can’t show you their vehicle certification, you should find another mechanic.

2. How often do you do this repair?

We go to the mechanic because cars are complex machines with many moving parts to worry about. Every good mechanic will be familiar with all kinds of repairs. A newly-certified mechanic, for example, is likely incredibly competent. However, nothing trumps experience. A mechanic who makes a specific repair more often will likely be better than a rookie. Asking can save you money and improve the quality of your repair.

3. Do you have any references?

If you ask around a community, you’ll quickly learn that great mechanics set themselves apart. Getting customer references can help you see what sets your new mechanic apart.

4. How much will the repairs cost?

Disreputable mechanics will often try and blindside you with the actual expenses. They use clever tricks to avoid giving you a solid quote or estimate. A common tactic is using jargon to imply that they did unanticipated labor or had uncommon expenses. Reputable mechanics will provide you with as accurate of a quote as possible. They’ll simplify any terms you don’t understand so you know exactly what you’re paying for. A reputable mechanic will make repairing your car easier for you to get through.

There are so many options for people needing mechanics. You deserve to know that someone you can trust will care for your vehicle efficiently. If you are looking for a quality mechanic, look no further than Real Tech Auto & Truck Repair.

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